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Casino Baccarat Tipping

Tipping in any casino game is in good taste and a good idea. However, tipping in Baccarat is different than in other games, like craps, or blackjack, or roulette.

The etiquette of the game demands a certain amount of class. Casino Baccarat players are often high rollers and players are expected to tip generously, especially if the cards are favorable.

Since everyone is sharing a hand, casino baccarat tipping doesn't offer the advantage it would in other games. At a blackjack table, a generous tipper will often find that the dealer will make "mistakes" in his math in favor of the player once in a while. This sort of thing won't happen in baccarat: if a dealer makes a "mistake" everyone will notice, and it helps everyone regardless of how they tip.

That doesn't mean you shouldn't do it. Casino baccarat tipping doesn't hurt, it is expected more so than other games, and it is considered good etiquette to do so. If you are looking for an advantage from tipping, you might find better luck at Mini-baccarat if there are no other players (which in many casinos there often are not).

Another option is online baccarat. There's no reason to tip a computer dealer. You can save you money and play more rounds of baccarat.

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