Mini Baccarat

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The Mini Baccarat Variant

In Mini Baccarat, the fancy baccarat table is reduced to the size of a blackjack one, and is placed in the middle of the casino with other casino table games. It is often ignored by players who are intimidated by it, but there is no reason why it should be ignored. Both Mini Baccarat at the casino and online Mini Baccarat are worth the trouble to investigate.

While regular baccarat in the pit has a certain snooty character on the other side of the velvet ropes, this baccarat variant is a quiter variety with less fanfare and lower minimums. It is good for beginner players who don't necessarily feel like James Bond or French aristocracy in the baccarat pit.

Other than this, the only real difference is etiquette (the atmosphere is less traditional), less seats, and less dealers. In Mini Baccarat there is one dealer who does the role that all three would do in traditional Punto Banco Baccarat. He is also the only person allowed to touch the cards.

So while it looks different on the surface, it is still the same game play.

John Palmer - Editorial Team

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