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The Punto Banco Baccarat Variant

Punto Banco is not really a variant of baccarat. It is the European name for the standard American version of Baccarat as found on most online baccarat sites. While different house rules could vary, Punto Banco is, in essence, what the French name for American Baccarat. There are just a few differences that have little outcome on play, and are listed later in this article.

the Punto Banco Baccarat variant has the standard Player vs Banker rules that should be famillar to most players.

Differences in the Punto Banco variant:

  • All the cards are dealt face-up
  • Terms are different (and French): a shoe is a "sabot", a player is a "punter" and the dealer is a "croupier."
  • Tie payoffs may not be more than 25% of table max.
  • The croupier burns cards at the beginning of a new shoe. He pulls out a card, and removes that many cards from the shoe before they are dealt. For example, if he draws a four, four cards are removed from play to discourage card counting.

Kate Foster - Technical Writer

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