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The D'Alembert Baccarat Betting System

The D'Alembert system was developed on the basic belief that "nature seeks equilibrium" and it is pointed to help players to benefit from the even money bets offered by roulette tables in the 18th century in France. Casino Games that offer a 50-50 chance for winning was ideal for using the D'Alembert betting system, and even though baccarat doesn't offer these exact odds it is somewhat near them. This makes the use of the D'Alembert system possible in the medium-long term while using a relatively small bankroll.

The principal in this baccarat betting system is that you add a single betting unit when you lose a round and add a single betting unit when you win a round. You do not double your money as in the Martingale Betting System, which makes it free from sudden escalation in the size of your bet. This is a plus since such fluctuation in a bet's size means that your bankroll might be wiped out in a single baccarat session.

Some would refer D'Alembert betting system as a negative progression and insurance system both at the same time. This is due to the fact that you avoid wiping your entire bankroll by reducing the bets when you win. This means that you are locking a "net win" in case you'd lose the next round and you increase your bet after losing (negative progression) to avoid a "bad trend".

Notice that the basic idea which is the foundation of the D'Alembert system is that there would be an almost even number of banker wins and player wins. This means that the system offers you a reliable method of gaining lost money without using a drastic system as the Martingale System.

D'Alembert system was invented in the 18th Century by Jean le Rond d'Alembert, a French mathematician, physicist, and philosopher. It is one of the most simple baccarat betting systems which requires little knowledge except for knowing what money management and trends are since it partially rely on these issues.

Here is an example of the use of the D'Alembert betting system: You place a $1 bet and lose (-$1 gain) – you add another unit and you place $2 and lose again (-$3 gain), you add another single unit and place $3 and you win ($0 gain), then you decrease by a single unit and place $2 and win ( $2 gain) and so on.

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Article by James Markson, 09/02/06

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