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Baccarat Card Values

Baccarat has a card value system similar to blackjack. Baccarat card values are calculated according to their face value and they are counted as 'points'. In baccarat, the Ace is worth one point with the tens and face cards all worth zero. It may take a bit to catch on but once you start playing your online baccarat game you will pick it up in no time.

Here is a table summarising the cards and their values.

Card Values
2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9 face value
10-J-Q-K 0
Ace 1

Remember also, that according to the card drawing rules, the third card can never bust the player, as in blackjack, but the resulting hand could be less than the original. All of this is figured for you when you play your online baccarat, so don't worry.

For example, a player hand draws a 2 and a 3, so the point value would equal five. According to the baccarat rules, this would require a draw. If the player draws a nine, the total is 14. According to the basic baccarat rules, we drop the tens digit, and end up with four, making the new value less than the starting one. So, if you have taken two minutes to read this, you certainly know baccarat card values.

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