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Online Baccarat Rules: How To Play The Baccarat Casino Game

The basic online baccarat rules are the same as those for North American Baccarat or the Punto Banco Baccarat Variation. The aim to reach 9 points total with your hand. Each player can receive a maximum of three cards and after that the closest to 9 is the winner. Unlike blackjack there is no busting in baccarat as it has its own unique set of card values. A 10 or face card has the value of zero.

Similarly, when you do exceed a total of nine you must drop the first digit of the point total since the hand values cannot go above 9. For example, if you receive a 3, a 2 and a 9 then you're point total is 14. Then drop the first digit and that's your hand value is 4.

The dealer gives two cards each to the each of the baccarat players and the banker gets two as well.

Baccarat Betting Rounds

There are only three bets in the game of baccarat, which are:

  • Bank - This is a bet on the hand of the person dealing. This bet is taxed a 5% commission if it wins, because it wins more often.
  • Player - this is the other hand. There is no commission for a win on this hand, but it wins less often.
  • Tie - This pays 8 to 1 odds in the event that both hands have the same value.


Let’s assume a single player is playing against the bank. The dealer deals out two to himself which are face down. The player then receives two cards of his own. If the player has a four or less he takes a third and final card. Similarly the bank does same and the closest to 9 is the winner.

The baccarat rules for card drawing are set by the rules of the game and are unimportant to know. Knowing them or not does not affect the outcome of the game, but it can't hurt to read them.

Baccarat requires little skill to play, and online baccarat make the game ideal for beginners. While the casinos may reserve baccarat tables for high rollers, at the online casinos there are no velvet ropes or separate rooms, and you can play online baccarat as you wish with ease and comfort.

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