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Wei Shan Liu Sentenced for Mini-Baccarat Game Scam

On December 14th, 2007, a female player of Chinese descent involved in a $750,000 swindling case at the mini-baccarat table of the high-roller room of the Jupiter Casino on the Gold Coast has been sentenced to three years in Jail. 44 year-old Wei Shan Liu must also pay $115,397.50 to the casino after being sentenced by the Southport District Court. She will be released from prison on May 8th, 2007 after serving a year. The court heard that it took about 55 minutes for Liu and her fellow suspects to swindle the casino of the money.

Four suspects of Chinese descent, 35 year-old Songtao Zhao, 40 year-old, Jianwen Liu, 35 year-old Zhigang Liu and 40 year-old Haibin Shao were sentenced to about four years in jail for fraud before the Brisbane District Court in November last year. A fifth suspect, Eberihim Abbas was found not guilty of the charge. Liu was sentenced to about three years in prison but she successfully filed a case with the Court of Appeals to overturn the conviction and a retrial was ordered by the court.

Jury members were informed that Liu and her co-suspects made a scam where Zhao would use an extra card, hidden in his hand, to manipulate the result of the game of mini-baccarat in the high-rollers room at Jupiter's Casino on May 17th, 2005. Zhao was utilizing the extra card, which he had stolen from the same gaming table the day before to lose while Liu and the others would wager big amounts of money to $40,000 against their casino hand.

Liu took $400,000 of gambling winnings, getting twenty-one of the twenty-seven card hands in which the extra card was utilized. The lawyer of the suspect, Chris Nyst said that the children of Liu suffered a lot from the case. Judge John Newton commented that Liu was not responsible for using an extra card in the mini-baccarat game. Judge Newton posted a conviction against Liu.


Monday, December 24, 2007
Kate Foster

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