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Vegas Star Grand Baccarat to Make its Debut at G2E Asia

Shuffle Master Inc. announced that it will be participating at the Global Gaming Expo Asia or G2E Asia on June 9th, 2010-June 10th, 2010 in the former Portuguese colony of Macau. The company will be demonstrating some of its products at Booth 1101.

The new gaming products of G2E Asia aim to provide Shuffle Master's customers with a good tool in increasing profitability while driving down costs. One of Shuffle Master's new products is i-Deal.

It is a single deck casino table game shuffle that adapts card recognition feature to enhance the security of the game. It gives operators the power to immediately check winning card hands at the table. It is also faster compared with other single deck shuffler and it increases the games per hour and offers a one-of-a kind card sort feature.

Another Shuffle Master feature is the Vegas Star Grand Baccarat. Offering a Grand Tie jackpot, it enhances the standard baccarat game with progressive jackpots. It also has a video dealer that directs the action on the table from a plasma screen. Gamers choosing the Grand Tie side bet can win jackpot bonuses.

The game can accommodate up to thirty-two players and can be enjoyed in different configurations. The Executive Vice President of Shuffle Master, Roger Snow said that they are looking forward to the chance of exhibiting in G2E Asia and grab the opportunity to share their new products with gamers and casinos.

Snow said that they are eagerly anticipating the feedback that they will receive from their Vegas Star Grand Baccarat gaming product.

Snow added as the first multi-terminal baccarat product to offer a virtual dealer, they are confident that G2E Asia's participants will enjoy it and the chance to take home a progressive jackpot.


John Palmer,
Sunday, July 18, 2010

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