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Supreme Court To Decide Australian Baccarat High Roller Case

The Australian Supreme Court announced that it will soon decide on the fate of a baccarat high roller.

Gabriel Werden, a high roller from Australia who has been a fugitive for years, had turned over thirteen million Australian dollars playing at the baccarat tables in casinos within four years.

Werden is an Australian solicitor who stole from his clients in order to finance his gambling addiction.

He had used different names to falsify his passports and put his own pictures to them in order to enter Australia without anyone recognizing him.

Australian police have been trying to catch him for a long time.

Aside from the Australian authorities, the loan sharks in casinos have been trying to pin him down due to his enormous debts.

Werden's lawyer said that his client's excessive losses have cost him his house, his marriage, his legal profession and his integrity.

However, Michelle Williams, the case prosecutor said that she is seeing Werden as a fugitive from the law as he always on the run every time he was about to be caught.

Werden had entered a guilty plea in three counts of obtaining financial advantage, seven counts of theft and one count of deficiency in his bank account.

The court will soon announce its decision regarding his case.


Tuesday, August 29, 2006
Kate Foster

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