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Super Pan Nine Baccarat Variant

Super Pan Nine is a baccarat variant played with six or eight decks stripped of all the 7's, 8's, 9's and 10's (face cards are not removed) and the remaining cards match in value to the baccarat card values.

Three cards are dealt face-down to the player and banker and then they have the choice to draw a fourth card unlike the standard baccarat rules as used in mini baccarat or Punto Banco.

The Super Pan Nine Baccarat variant has two versions. In the first version the banker role is taken by a casino employee while in the second version this responsibility may pass around players as in Chemin de Fer. At online baccarat casinos the first version is more common, since it is less confusing.

If the casino controls the banker position then the banker will draw a fourth card with a hand value between 0 and 5; if there is a player controling the banker position then he may choose to draw a fourth card as he wishes. The player's fourth card is dealt face-up, so the banker has the advantage of seeing the player's card. There is a side bet in Super Pan Nine on ties which only pays 7 to 1. In case of a tie no money exchange hands between the banker and player and each gets back his bet. In some online baccarat casinos there other special bets offered as well.

Super Pan Nine is a baccarat variant which is more similar to blackjack than other baccarat variants. This game emphasizes less betting systems and more on a player's skill as a card player. To play an online baccarat version of Super Pan Nine then you can pick one of our online baccarat casinos and start to playing Super Pan Nine right now.

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