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Smart Live Casino Adds Live Dealer Baccarat to its Diverse Gaming Portfolio

Smart Live Casino, a web casino regulated by the British Gaming Commission announced on June 29th, 2009 the debut of their newest gaming offering to be added to their portfolio of live dealer casino games. Smart Live has carefully built a reputation of giving excellent casino gaming through live dealer casino action where results are immediately shown in real-time both online and on Sky Television.

Smart Live Casino's live blackjack and live roulette table have experience immense growth in popularity and now through customer demand they have added live baccarat casino gaming to their portfolio. Their live baccarat game shows real casino game dealer action online every night at 9:00 p.m. UK Time. Gamblers can place wagers on the turn of actual cards as they are given in real-time right in front of them.

Web baccarat has seen a solid growth in popularity because it is very simple to play. There are 3 main variations of baccarat and the one that Smart Live Casino is offering is the "Punto Banco" variation which is the simplest variation to player. Gamers are not even compelled to take any action except on whether to wager on the Dealer, Player and Tie or a combination of these wagers. Cards are given for each wager and the one that has the total closest to nine wins. Face cards and ten cards have no worth in baccarat.

Smart Live also announced that they are planning to debut several more new live casino dealer games in the near future as well as a complete overhaul of their lobby. The Live Baccarat casino game also falls under their new bonus offer where 1st time depositors get a one hundred fifty percent bonus up to five hundred pounds on their initial deposit amount.

Existing players get a reload bonus twice a week when they top up their online accounts. Casino officials plan to survey their players for feedback to ensure that expectations are fulfilled and use comments into future changes of the Live Baccarat tables.


Monday, July 20, 2009
John Palmer

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