Card Counting and Shuffle Counting in Baccarat

Despite the fact there is nothing much you can do in online baccarat to advance your cause, is there much merit in card counting and shuffle counting techniques as people are used to in blackjack.

You can do this but it isn’t going to achieve much. After all you have no say in what happens next. In online baccarat, card counting is less of an issue as the cards are shuffled after every hand. Additionally with the eight deck shoe that baccarat employs it is even less relevant.

Many computerized simulations by experts like Michael Hall and Peter Griffin have been published for millions of simulated hands, proving that the advantages of card counting offer no noticeable help over the odds.

In practice, a player can count cards, but this isn’t blackjack and doubt it is worth the worry. Instead, concentrate on good money management and that will minimize your losses.

John Palmer - Editorial Team

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