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Shuffle Master Participates at the G2E Asia Gaming Expo

Shuffle Master Incorporated recently participated at the G2E Asia Gaming Expo in Macau on June 3rd, 2009 through June 4th, 2009. The group's product demonstrations happened at stand 903. Aside from showcasing gaming products including two of the group's Rapid Table Game products, its Pink Panther electronic gambling machine link and several of its automatic shufflers and proprietary casino table games, the exhibit highlighted two of the company's products that are made for the Asian market: The i-Table Baccarat and the Table Master Baccarat.

The i-Table baccarat automates the wagering process while improving the game handle, security and hands dealt per hour. Using Shuffle Master's unique card reading devices like the i-Shoe and the one2six plus to accurately read each card as it is given to players. With more than 2,300 seats in play all over the world, the Table Master e-Table platform features a one-of-a kind video dealer, 5 player positions and a vast range of casino table games content.

Table Master Baccarat doubles the number of card hands executed per hours and ensures a speedy but accurate game. The exhibit also highlighted additional products like the Fortune 3 Card Poker. It is a variation of the most well-known casino table game of all time that features 3 ways to play and 4 ways to win.

Like the 3 Card Poker, Fortune three Card players may wager against the casino dealer, wager on the value of their own 3 card hand or wager on both. Shuffle Master Asia Executive Vice President Andrew Macaulay said that they are very proud with their G2E Asia gaming product line-up and they hope to continue develop more games that will appeal to their Asian players.


Thursday, July 02, 2009
John Palmer

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