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The Rolling Chips Baccarat Program of the Foxwoods

On December 20th, 2008, fulfilling the needs of its expanding Asian market, the Foxwoods Resort Casino in Connecticut debut their rolling chips program, which is specifically made for the game of baccarat. In doing so, Foxwoods become the first casino establishment in the United States to offer a type of promotion that is typically known in casinos in the former colony of Macau. The Foxwoods casino also promoted their top Asian casino marketing official to senior vice president and stated that they intend to open a new Asian theme eating facility.

The Foxwoods' casino senior vice president for casino marketing, Joe Jimenez said that they always keep the needs of their players, particularly their Asian players. Jimenez said that this new promotion is a show of that care and attention to the needs of their players. Players who receive rolling chips, which possess a distinct feel, will also get a 1.5 percent rebate by means of monetary chips. Players can use the chips during the baccarat. Winning bets are rewarded in cash chips, while the losing bets are acquired by the casino facility. Jimenez said that a customer who acquires $1,000 in rolling chips would be rewarded $15 in cash chips as well.

Winning baccarat players can continue to roll the cash that they possess into more cash chips. Jimenez stated that the rolling chips promotion will be first available at some baccarat gaming table where the minimum bet is set at $100. The president of the Mashantucket Pequot Gaming Enterprise, Michael Speller said that they are proud to be the very fist casino to give their customers this kind of promotion. He added that this will also let their players to enjoy baccarat for a longer period of time.

The senior vice president for Asian marketing, Robert Chan, will take charge of the program. Robert Chan, who has 28 years of experience in the industry, has held different positions in the Asian market at gaming facilities all over the world. Some of those casino facilities are the Caesars Palace, the Showboat, Trump Marina and The Sands in Atlantic City. Chan held his previous position as vice president of Asian marketing at the Foxwoods casino for more than ten years.

Foxwoods announced that Noodles, an Asian themed eating establishment will open soon near the Rainmaker Square of the Foxwoods casino.


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