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Robert Chan Assumes Senior Vice President for Asian Marketing Position at the Foxwoods Casino

On January 22nd, 2009, Mr. Robert Chan currently holds the position of Vice President for Asian Marketing at the Foxwoods Casino and has held that position for ten years. Chan, with his more than twenty-eight years of gaming experience to his resume, has held positions in Asian marketing at some of the most well-known resorts all over the world including the Caesars Palace, the Showboat, Trump Marina and the Sands in Atlantic City. He also has good connections to the gaming communities in Macau, Hong Kong and Canada.

During the course of his stay at Foxwoods, Mr. Chan has been responsible for presenting some of the most famous Asian entertainers in the world like Hacken Lee, Frances Yip, Bak-Cheung Chan, Tsai Chin, Susanna Kwan, Mao Ning and Na Ying. George Lam and Sally Yeh are among the Asian performers that will be performing the brand new MGM Grand Theater. Mr. Chan is also planning on bringing more high profile performances for the Chinese Lunar New Year.

Mike Speller, the President of the Mashantucket Pequot Gaming Enterprise said that Robert Chan is a respected name in Asian gambling circles. He said that Chan's dedication to his work is just one of the numerous reasons why they are very happy and proud to name Chan as Senior Vice President for Asian Marketing. He added that they will be offering new services and marketing promotions to enhance the gambling experience of their Asian players in the coming months.

Robert Chan will head the debut of the baccarat rolling chips program to the casino gaming floors at the Foxwoods Resort Casino. The Foxwoods Casino is the first casino facility in the US to offer this style of customer rewards and recognition. The brand new program will be available at the baccarat casino tables in the Club Newport and Stargazer casinos at the Foxwoods Resort Casino.


Tuesday, February 24, 2009
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