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Police Officers Raided Illegal Baccarat Gaming Facility in Seoul

Police officers apprehended a group of players on January 17th, 2009 for illegal gaming at an unauthorized gaming house operated by gangsters who had earned an estimated $2.8 billion won or $2.1 million in illegal monetary gains over the past 3 months through the business. The Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency arrested nineteen members of Seoul-based organized crime group who managed and illegal casino located in Jangan-dong, eastern Seoul and twenty-nine housewives who enjoy playing baccarat there.

The arrest warrants were sought for four habitual baccarat players and 5 key operators of the gaming house, according to the police officers. The police added that two other suspects are now on the run and are also wanted. According to the police officers, the gaming facility was disguised as a small firm and attracted nearly around 150 housewives, who firmly believe that baccarat offers more favorable odds compared with other casino games.

Police officers confiscated a total of 71 million won in cash at the scene and four CCTV cameras used to monitor on what is happening outside the casino. The owner of the gaming house, identified as 41 year old Yoon, hired experienced casino dealers to handle the game of baccarat, including a thirty-one year old woman who worked as a casino dealer at a well-known hotel for more than ten years.


Sunday, March 01, 2009
Kate Foster

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