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Police Held 11 People for Illegal Baccarat

11 people were held last November 21, 2006, in Thailand for operating an illegal online baccarat casino.

The 11 people caught were 4 Thai women and 5 Thai men, along with 2 foreigners. 1 is from Hong Kong, identified as Than Yiu Hung and the other man is from Malaysia identified as Ang Kong Yong.

50 police raided the building Crime Suppression Division (CSD) headquarters at 10:30 in the morning. Police authorities found out that the place was being used to broadcast baccarat games via webcam.

The police confiscated 4 baccarat tables, 16 computers, 2 close circuit cameras and 5 television sets.

The building has been leased since September 2006, under the name of Thai woman, Chatduan Maneesawangwong. Raiding team found 2 men wearing tuxedos dealing cards in front of the webcams for gamblers to participate their bets via online.

According to the investigation, the online baccarat operated 24 hours a day and each game received Bt10 million bets.

Superintendent Colonel Phirapong Wongsaman of Metropolitan Police Investigation Centre said that they raided the place after they received a tip that an illegal online baccarat casino is operating on that building.

Further investigations will be made to find the real owner of the illegal baccarat den.


Thursday, December 07, 2006
John Palmer

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