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Penchanga Casino Offers Baccarat Table Games With DEQ's EZTRAK

On January 28th, 2008, DEQ Systems publicly announced that the Penchanga Resort and Casino in California has leased five EZ Baccarat tables to take the place of their five standard baccarat tables. The tables also possess DEQ's EZTRAK display system. It is an LCD based baccarat hand tracking system that keeps an eye on the current trend in the game and the side wagers.

The director of table games at the Penchanga Resort and Casino, Steve Miller commented that baccarat enthusiasts are happy to get the opportunity to play a game of baccarat that requires no commission at all.

Earle G. Hall, DEQ's President and Chief Executive Officer commented that casino facilities in California are becoming more informed on how to play baccarat effectively. He added that after Barona Casino's installation of six Baccarat games that feature EZTRAK, Pechanga has immediately followed and added additional features like a 42 inch screen television.

The EZ BaccaratTM renders the commission useless without affecting the overall theme and feel of the game. It replaces the 5% vig on every winning card hand on the banker wager by not allowing one specific banker hand, a 3 card total of 7 appropriately named Dragon 7TM. Gamblers can make this insurance wager that pays in a 40:1 ration when the 3 card winning banker wager happens.


Monday, February 18, 2008
Kate Foster

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