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Penchanga's California Establishment Installs EZ BaccaratTM Tables

On May 22nd, 2008, DEQ Systems announced that the Penchanga casino facility in the state California has decided to lease at least 5 EZ BaccaratTM tables to take the place of the 5 standard commission baccarat games. The baccarat tables are also adequately equipped with the EZTRAKTM system by DEQ. The system is an LCD based tracking system exclusively for the game of baccarat. It is used in tracking baccarat hands and keeping tabs on the trends and side bets in the game.

The head of casino table games at the Penchanga Casino, Steve Miller said that baccarat lovers are very happy to get the opportunity to play a version of baccarat that requires no commission. It will also take away the bother of having to compute and get the commission from players. The game also offers bigger hands per hour.

DEQ's President and Chief Executive Officer Earle G. Hall commented that most casinos in the state of California are already catching up regarding this way new way of playing the game of baccarat. The EZ BaccaratTM of DEQ invalidates the five percent casino commission needed in baccarat by blocking a single bank hand: the overall total of three cards called the Dragon SevenTM without changing the overall composition of the game. The bet pay s the player in a 40:1 ratio when 3 card winning banker hand appears in the game.


Monday, June 02, 2008
Kate Foster

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