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Paris Las Vegas Hotel and Casino Hosts the Industry's First EZ Baccarat Table

On January 11th, DEQ Systems Corp. announced that Harrah's Operating Company, Inc., part of the gaming giant company Harrah's Entertainment, has agreed to install and offer its customers the first EZ baccarat table game. The table will be available at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel and Casino.

The 2 companies have recently finalized a national patent license for the no commission baccarat game method. The installation of the table will signal the beginning of the 90-day trial.

"We are very pleased to be conducting the no commission baccarat trial at the Paris Casino on the Las Vegas Strip. We chose Paris as the first site because of its reputation for the high volume of baccarat players and its visibility on the Las Vegas Strip," said Harrah's Vice President of Table Games, Gerald Tuthill.

Earle G. Hall, DEQ's President and CEO adds, "Having Harrah's for the EZ Baccarat trial is very exciting for this recurring revenue product roll-out. Harrah's is recognized as an industry leader and continues to lead the way in new table game development across its casino brands. Future versions of this patented method of increasing baccarat revenue and casino profit include electronic side betting, as well as other innovative technological add-ons."


Tuesday, February 20, 2007
Danny McCain

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