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Pala Casino Installs EZ Baccarat and Five EZ Trak Gaming Systems for Players

DEQ Systems Corporation, a well-known and respected provider of casino table games bonusing, jackpot and loyalty solutions, announced on September 23rd, 2009 that the Pala Casino and Resort in the state of California has placed five EZ Baccarat and 5 EZ Trak in their casino gaming floor.

Mike Crenshaw, the Vice President of Casino Operations at Pala Casino said that Pala Casino Spa and Resort prides itself on the quality and worth of its gamers and the performance of its gaming operations.

Crenshaw said that EZ Baccarat is now the standard in the gaming industry and they are very honored and happy to offer this top class game to their distinguished clientele. The President and Chief Executive Officer of DEQ, Earle G. Hall said that they are proud to have the Pala Casino as one of their EZ Baccarat gaming clients.

He added that Pala has an astonishing amount of baccarat game play and EZ baccarat is sure to be hit among Pala players. EZ Baccarat is a unique option of fast tracking the speed of the game of baccarat by removing the commission on the game.

The winning card hand commission is replaced by barring a specific bank hand or reducing the winning banked bets. The EZ Baccarat option bars a 3-card total of 7 and is known as "the Dragon7". Gamers can also make a side bet as to the number of occurrence of the "Dragon7. This side bet pays players 40:1 and creates additional option for the gamer to win and a new revenue option for the gaming facility.

These gaming options and trademarks are protected within the scope of DEQ's no commission baccarat intellectual property gaming portfolio that protects gaming methodologies like barred card hands and banked winning bets.


Sunday, October 04, 2009
John Palmer

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