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Paddy Power Casino offers TV games

The new casino of Passy Power has created a lot of fuss between players. OCR has decided to make an investigation and check what is it all about.

Paddy Power offers 25 TV games for its fans. The best positions are taken by all-time classic blockbusters, with Blockbuster Slots and Blockbusters Scratchcards on the top places. These are followed by Golden Balls and Stargate SG-1.

Besides these, three X-Factor  titles have come up: Jackpot, Cashdrop and Scratchcard, all of them loaded with serious prizes.

Cartoons fans are not neglected at all. There are on offer games like The Incredible Hulk, Spider Man and Batman. All of them are easy to access and offer tons of excitement. Besides these, Holy Jackpots Batman will give players the chance to cash in some handsome prizes.

To complete the offer, Paddy Power Casino has come up with a thrilling promotion for the remaining period to Christmas, offering £200 sign-up bonus paid in three rounds and a £5 no deposit bonus.

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