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Baccarat Money Management Sessions

Money management is a vital tool that would help you to beat the house. If you haven't yet read our basic money management article, you should probably have a look at it before your continue reading here as many of the money management fundamentals are explained there. There are more issues a baccarat player must learn in order to play and win; money management is not the only tool, so I advise you to check out some of the other baccarat sections.

Most gamblers do not have any patience once they enter the casino and they will rush to the nearest table of their favorite game without thinking twice. That is the main reason most gamblers lose their money fast, and that's where money management sessions enter the picture.

First, divide your bankroll into small portions and allocate each of them to certain games or tables at the casino, these are your sessions. Each session, whether it's $20 or $200, would help you to stay in control at any moment, thus helping you to gain money in the long run.

For example, if you enjoy both Punto Banco and Chemin de Fer and your initial bankroll is $450 then you should divide your bankroll into two parts of $200 and $250 and then divide these again by 2-4, these small portions of your bankroll would be used on different tables, this way you would avoid unlucky tables. With the help of these sessions you will dramatically cut down your loses. The main idea behind money management sessions is that you avoid risking all your money at one table, which happens to a lot of gamblers.

David Grossman, Editorial staff – 20/12/05

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