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Baccarat Money Management - Martingale System

Most gamblers are looking for the best "safe and sound" system to make money out of gambling. they'll search for years until they would find the Martingale System, and then they'll be sure that it's what they've been looking for all those lost years, but in the end they will be wrong.

The Martingale System is used by novice gamblers in order to gain back their lost fortune by doubling and re-doubling their initial bets. For example, a gambler plays at baccarat table and his initial bet is $5 and he loses, and then, according the Martingale System, he bets $10 as his next bet. If he wins then he achieves a profit of $5, if he loses then he doubles his bet again, the next bet he would place would be $20.

A losing series of 5 hands in a row and the according Martingale System's bets with an initial bet of $5 would be: $5-$10-$20-$40-$80, that's $155 profit for the CASINO. But what will happen if another bet of $160 would be put and he wins? That's a profit of $320 for an investment of $315 - a total profit of $5, and that's what the Martingale System is all about - NOTHING.

A wise gambler would stay away as far as possible from the Martingale System since he is aware of trends and other money management skills. If you're new to the world of gambling and baccarat then you should know now, that the Martingale System will not help you to earn money.

Dru Handson, Editorial Staff - 28/12/05

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