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Baccarat Money Management Losing and Winning Limits

The average gambler likes to gamble and enjoys it, with little caring for losing or winning (even though it would be nice). For him it's pure entertainment and nothing more. If you feel that baccarat is your way for enjoying life and living "on the edge" for a while then there is no need for you to read this article, but if you want to make money out of baccarat then there is one thing you need to set clear right now - limits.

A vital part of money management in is setting losing and winning limits to yourself and setting them before you enter your land based or online casino's baccarat table. These limits would help you to stay "on the wave", or get off it when trends turn against you.

Most gamblers live in a fantasy world where they gain big profits and pay for a new car or house; this doesn't happen in reality and if you want to gain profits from baccarat play low & slow, gain your small profits one after the other, in the end it would accumulate into the pot of your dreams.

These are the appropriate baccarat winning limits you should expect, these figures are set as 'Initial Bankroll' – 'Profit' - 'Expected Revenues in %':

$100 -- $20 – 20%
$200 -- $40 – 20%
$300 -- $60 – 20%
$400 -- $80 – 20%
$500 -- $100 – 20%
$750 -- $125.5 – 15%
$1000 -- $150 – 15%
$1500 -- $225 – 15%

Of course you can expect to gain bigger profits, but that's just playing into the casino's hands, they want you to believe you can make it big in one session - this simply isn't going to happen. Stick to these limits, from time to time you'd cross them, but if that happens stop playing and start another session.

As for losing limits - they may vary from 10% if you can't afford to risk your money and they can soar up 40%, but no more, if you can afford more than 40% of your initial bankroll then you're probably into gambling for the fun, not the money.

David Frenstad, Editorial staff - 27/12/05

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