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Mini-Baccarat Player Loses Chance to Modify Rules

On May 16, 2007, a Mini-Baccarat player didn't have much luck trying to convince the gambling regulators in New Jersey to modify the rules in the game.

Mini-Baccarat player Francis Lentz from Cherry Hill petitioned the state Gaming Casino Control Commission to require both the Baccarat and Mini-Baccarat dealers to utilize the words "Final call for bets", or "Last call for bets" while telling the players to place their bets.

According to state regulations, the dealers of the Baccarat game are required to say "No More Bets", which will ensure that there will be an orderly placement of the bets.

Lentz said that the dealer warning of "Final Call for Bets" will give Baccarat players more time to decide on how much of a bet to place instead of being abruptly stopped by the dealers with the words "No More Bets".

Lentz also claimed that dealers did not even mention "No More Bets". In throwing Lentz's proposal, the Casino Control Commission commented that the current requirement is good enough and that it is unnecessary to change the gaming warning used by the dealers.

Commissioner Michael C. Epps commented that the phrases "Final Call for Bets" and "No More Bets" mean the same thing. He said that it is only a matter of semantics. Commissioner Ralph G. Frulio said that there are no other Baccarat players in Atlantic City that have made Lentz's complaint.

The commissioners voted 4-0 against Lentz's proposal. Commission spokesman Daniel Heneghan said that citizens are free to submit law changes although they are seldom passed.

After the decision, Lentz expressed disappointment for the ruling by the commission.


Monday, June 04, 2007
John Palmer

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