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Majestic Star Targets Asian Players With Different Offerings

On October 28th, 2007, Vietnamese entertainment from folk to pop rock entertained a crowd of more than 1,500 spectators to the entertainment center of the Majestic Star Casino facility. Named as the Vietnamese Live Concert, the event was one of the accomplishments of Fion Chong, Majestic Star Casino's director of Asian player development.

Fion Chong wanted a right combination for their guests with Vietnamese heritage for the concert at the Buffington Harbor pavilion, which is used by the two Majestic Star casino facilities in Gary. Chong's mission is to increase the Asian customers of Majestic Star Casino from China, Korea and Vietnam and even from Cambodia, Thailand and the Philippines. The casino riverboats owned by Don Barden's Majestic Star LLC improved their efforts to attract Asian players earlier this year.

A baccarat room with ten gambling tables, complete with oriental decorations and a food court that served Asian delicacies. Majestic Star Vice president and General Manager David Schugar commented that baccarat was picked among other casino games because of its unique appeal to Asians.

Baccarat also possesses a smaller casino edge compared with other casino games. Schugar said that the casino came to a conclusion that they must increase their Asian clientele. Making a first class Asian Development group became their main priority with Fion Chong as one of the leaders.

The casino riverboats in Gary provide a 24 hour bus service from the Chinatown area of Chicago. The Majestic Star casino is not alone in their quest to attract Asian players, according to John Busam, the editor of Midwest Gambling and Travel. Busam said that Asian players represent a good market.

The Majestic Star Casino is doubling its efforts in trying to get a big part of that market. Chong said that their main priority is to ensure that their customers are comfortable while they are playing. Chong is the head of the team with four other co-workers who speak Chinese, Mandarin and Korean.

Chong said that most Asian players visit the casino every Monday. Busam said that Majestic Star Casino is really serious about their goal to attract more Asian customers but only time can tell if they are successful.


Monday, November 19, 2007
John Palmer

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