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LT Macau Collaborates with SJM,Paradise Casino Hosts Progressive Baccarat Game

On August 6th, 2008, casino games developer and supplier Paradise Entertainment Limited publicly announced that their affiliate, LT Macau Limited, has finalized an agreement with the Sociedeade De Jogos De Macau, S.A. (or SJM) to operate a casino facility located at the San Kin Yip Commercial Center, which will greatly help their organization's expansion on the Macau electronic gaming market.

Back in December 2007, both the organization and Sociedeade De Jogos opened the first e-casino in the world, Paradise Entertainment Casino at the third floor of the San Kin Yip Commercial Center. With the success of whole business model, the gaming establishment has occupied five more floors of the San Kin Yip Commercial Center and cemented the partnership between the two gaming organizations.

The gaming facility, which is near the Lisboa Hotel and Casino and just opposite of the Wynn Macau Resort, the Paradise Entertainment Gaming facility, which is in its final period of renovation, has a gambling area of 172,820 square feet.

It also features 730 electronic casino table terminals and slots and eighty casino games, like the Paradise Jackpot Progressive Baccarat casino table game. The facility decided to place the baccarat tables in their gaming area because a lot of their patrons like the game. According to the collaboration, LT Macau will receive 55% of the net win from the casino table games and 40% of the net win from the slot machineS, while SJM will be responsible for paying the gambling tax, which is 40% of the total net win of the casino facility.

LT Macau will be responsible for paying the rental expenses, labor expenses and other operating costs that will be incurred by SJM. The Chairman and Managing Director of Paradise Entertainment Limited, Mr. Jay Chun said that they are proud to collaborate with SJM and expects a lot from the collaboraton. Chun added that the Progressive Baccarat game will only strengthen their presence in Macau.


Tuesday, September 02, 2008
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