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Lee Martin is DEQs New Sales and Marketing Representative in Southeast Asia and Australasia Region

DEQ Systems Corporation, a well-respected provider of casino table games bonusing, loyalty solutions and jackpot, announced on April 3rd, 2010 that Mr. Lee Martin has partnered with Mr. Bryan Jenkins as the representatives of DEQ that will handle the sales and marketing promotions of the company in Australasia and Southeast Asian region.

Martin has a solid experience in casino equipment supply throughout the area. Recently, Martin was the General Manager of TCS John Huxley's Macau and Southeast Asian organization business based in the former Portuguese colony, successfully spreading its business in the region.

A chartered accountant by profession, Martin has been duly licensed by different regulatory bodies as needed for ongoing talks with licensed clubs, casinos and hotels.

The President and Chief Executive Officer of DEQ, Earle G. Hall, said that Lee Martin brings a lot of experience and a good reputation for customer service in casino gaming equipment supply in the Asian market. Hall said that they excited to collaborate with Martin and Jenkins to market their different gaming products and to cultivate excellent relationships with different casino groups in Southeast Asia and Australasia.

DEQ's Asian commercialization manager, Bryan Jenkins, said that he has collaborated with Lee Martin for a number of years and his sales, commercialization and customer service skills are excellent. He said that adding Martin's skills to their marketing plan will improve their initiatives in the Asian market.

Lee Martin stated that the G3 table bonusing system of DEQ has mystery jackpot and progressive features that are one-of-a kind and EZ Baccarat is cementing itself as the game for non commission baccarat gamers who want it over other baccarat variations.

Martin said that G3's bonusing wagering on both the dealer's and player's hands, incremental wagers and jackpots all executed with the help of a credit meter makes it more attractive to gamers and more profitable for casino facilities. Martin added no casino facilities should be without DEQ's G3 table bonusing system and he looks forward to promoting that message in the region.


Sunday, May 02, 2010
Danny McCain

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