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Kerry Packer Allegedly Inquires About Harry Kakavas' Baccarat Binge to John Williams

On June 20th, 2009, Kerry Packer called a senior Crown official wanting to know why multi-millionaire baccarat gaming addict Harry Kakavas was not playing at his Melbourne casino facility. Crown chief operating officer John Williams, stepson of casino developer Lloyd Wiliams, admitted in court that he had spoken to Mr. Kerry Packer about Harry Kakavas in late 2004. Williams said that he told Kerry Packer that Harry Kakavas had previously been jailed and was not allowed to come into the Crown Casino.

Packer said that he understood and that he had not previously been told that information. 35 year-old John Williams also said that he had also previously talked about Kakavas' gambling spree with Peter Fox and legendary Las Vegas casino owner Steve Wynn. Williams said that the two gaming moguls had called him from the United States asking details asking details about the property developer.

Kerry Packer's involvement in the issue appears to contradict the claims of Crown Casino that it was Mr. Harry Kakavas and not the casino who advocated for his return. Mr. Packer's long-time friend and golf buddy, Ben Tiller, also contacted Williams about Kakavas' baccarat binge in Las Vegas. Allan Myers, the QC for Mr. Kakavas, asked Mr. Williams if his memory had been affected by drug use. Mr. Williams vehemently denied the allegation.

Harry Kakavas, who had lost more than thirty million dollars at Crown Casino from June 2005 to August 2006, is suing the casino facility over claims that casino officials exploited his gaming addiction with cash incentives and the use of a private jet. Kakavas is seeking about thirty-five million dollars in gaming losses and damages. The hearing will continue before Justice David Harper on Monday.


Monday, July 06, 2009
John Palmer

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