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Judge Jennifer Davies Orders Harry Kakavas to Pay $1 Million to Atlantis Casino

Compulsive gambler Harry Kakavas made his name alone on being one of the biggest losers in a casino game of all time. This high stakes baccarat player has lost another trial and must pay $1 million to a casino facility in the Bahamas.

Kakavas received $1 million of credit when he played at the baccarat tables of the Atlantis Paradise Island Casino during his honeymoon. He lost all of that money in a flash. The casino facility has sued Kakavas before the Supreme Court of Victoria to recover the $1 million plus the interest.

For his defense, Harry Kakavas argued that the casino facility should have known that he has a problem about gaming and is unable to resist the lure of the casino gaming tables. But Victoria Supreme Court Judge Jennifer Davies found that Kakavas' defense on the case had no merit on February 18th, 2010.

It is not the first time that Kakavas, a real estate developer is the subject of such controversies because of his enormous losses. Kakavas lost more than $30 million playing in playing at the Baccarat tables of the Crown Casino in Melbourne in 2005-2006. His efforts to evade his losses by blaming the Crown Casino for taking advantage of his gaming condition were dismissed by Victorian Supreme Court.

The court decided that even if the Crown Casino has offered gaming credits to Kakavas, the casino has not influenced Kakavas' judgment on responsible gambling.


Monday, March 22, 2010
Danny McCain

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