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Baccarat and James Bond

Baccarat players all over the world will be delighted to find that in the middle of the upcoming James Bond movie, there is something that is close to their hearts. One of the most climactic scenes in the movie is a baccarat duel between Bond and the villain of the scene, the evil Le Chiffre.

Based on Ian Fleming's first James bond novel, Casino Royale, one of his most violent books, is expected to be a big hit in theaters once it is released. Casino Royale is to be popular with a wide range of people of all walks of life, from the lovers of action movies to gamblers, and of course, to lovers of baccarat. Always reclusive, baccarat players now have the chance to get out of the closet and to be recognizes. However, many baccarat players fear that because of the move many people will start to play baccarat and online baccarat. While this is always a good thing, it remains to be seen how many people out there will be serious about the game, or will many players have to start playing with bad and mediocre players only because they saw the movie. We have no information about the Baccarat scene with James Bond and the evil Le Chiffre, but it is expected to be very exciting!

Written By Marc Javier, 07/09/95. Film Correspondant

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