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Baccarat House Edge and Odds

Online Baccarat has two big advantages over all the other online casino games. The first is that it is the simplest to play and secondly the house has the smallest advantage of any online game.

  • For example in online roulette, the presence of the 0 on the wheel gives the house a 2.7% advantage. In online baccarat that is down to as little as 1.24% and if you bet on the bank that drops to 1.06%. So in the long run, even if you lose, it should be quite insignificant.
  • Given that a player does not even need to know the rules well to be a good player, this makes online baccarat a perfect choice for the novice gambler.
  • In baccarat, the rules are simple, and there is no room for human error to affect the outcome of the best result of odds.

John Palmer - Editorial Team

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