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HCM Department of Information Petitions Ministry of Information to Study Online Games Like Baccarat

On August 6th, 2008, the HCM City Department of Information and Communication has petitioned the Ministry of Information and Communication to restudy the content of eight Internet games. The department asked the Ministry to study the content of five Internet online card playing games like Baccarat, Blackjack, Baduki, Seven Poker and Gostop, which are publicly distributed by Pacific Company and three online games which have questionable elements: the Sudden Attack game which is publicly distributed by Vinagame, Special Force by FPT online and the Cross Fire game by VTC Intercom.

The department has petitioned the Ministry to release and make public the procedures to study Internet games soon. The department will study the contents of the eight above mentioned Internet games. According to the HCM City Department of Information and Communications, these Internet games are attracting the attention of a large number of students this summer. The public is concerned about the unregulated circulation of a lot of Internet games, especially gambling and violent games.

Of the above mentioned games, the three violent games: Sudden Attack, Special Force and Cross Fire have attracted a lot of school youths to gaming shops and Internet cafes. Thousands of people play these games as well as the gambling games like baccarat.


Sunday, August 24, 2008
John Palmer

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