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Harry Kakavas Loses Baccarat Lawsuit against Atlantis Paradise Casino

A pathological millionaire baccarat gambler has been ordered to pay back the $1.2 million it owes to a casino facility at a luxury resort in the Bahamas.

A Supreme Court judge in Victoria ruled on February 18th, 2010 that Harry Kakavas was liable for the debt, lost in just five hours at the baccarat tables of the Atlantis Paradise Island Casino in November 2006.

Justice Jennifer Davies found out that there was no merit in the claims of Kakavas that the gaming facility knew that he has a gambling addiction problem and should not have been given a line credit of $1.013. Kakavas was on his honeymoon at the five-star resort that offers a one-of-a kind marine sanctuary when he went on his baccarat gambling spree.

In December 2009, Kakavas lost a $35 million Supreme Court case against the Crown Casino after a similar claim, with the judge ordering Kakavas to pay Crown $1 million.

The property developer from Melbourne, Australia has filed an appeal against the decision of Justice David Harper, claiming that Justice Harper made thirty-six errors in his decision in favor of the Crown Casino.

Judge Davies said that Harry Kakavas called evidence from psychologists to support his claim that he was a pathological gambler, a recognized mental disability.

Judge Davies said that she accepted that it was reasonable to see that on the day that Kakavas made his enormous baccarat loss, he was unable to walk away from the baccarat tables and his ability to stop his behavior was significantly impaired.

But Justice Davies added that there was nothing to put the casino on alert that Kakavas may be suffering from pathological gambling.


Thursday, March 18, 2010
Kate Foster

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