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Harrahs Entertainment Receives EZ Baccarat Patent Licenses

DEQ Systems Corporation announced last Tuesday that the company had approved patent licenses for Harrah's Entertainment.

The patent licenses are in connection to the DEQ patents on modified baccarat game modes and the EZ Baccarat no commission game method designed by the Talisman Group, DEQ strategic partner.

According to the DEQ, Harrah's Entertainment manages forty casinos in 3 different countries largely under the umbrella of Harrah's, Horseshoe and Caesar's brand names.

The patent license agreement will give Harrah's permission to launch EZ Baccarat table game in all of its casinos.

Harrah's Corporate Director of Table Games Chris Block, stated: "We are very pleased about this new agreement with DEQ and excited to introduce this creative and promising no-commission baccarat method on our casino floors. We believe EZ Baccarat will enhance Harrah's gaming floors and boost customers' interest in the game of baccarat."

Senior Partners of Talisman Group Robin Powell and TJ Tejeda, stated: "EZ Baccarat solves the principal problem of baccarat: how to make the commission disappear without changing the nature and spirit of this very successful table game."

The rules were not changed in the EZ baccarat no commission game but it replaced the acquiring of five percent commission on the winnings by barring the "dragon" hand.

DEQ is the leading provider of gaming technology products which includes the multiple bet electronic side waging systems.


Monday, September 11, 2006
Danny McCain

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