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Harrah's Rincon Casino Leases Three EZ Baccarat Tables of DEQ Systems

On September 5th, 2008, DEQ Systems Corporation, a known provider of casino table games bonusing solutions announced that Harrah's Rincon Casino has leased three EZ Baccarat tables and EZ Trak(TM) data tracking systems. DEQ has also finalized contracts with other casino facilities in the state of California to install the EZ Baccarat tables and is presently in the middle of acquiring important licensing approvals.

The Director of Table Games at Harrah's Rincon Casino, Mr. John Sebastian commented that the EZ Baccarat(TM) table is really an outstanding product that lives up to its billing in the gaming industry. He said that it possess a really faster game pace compared with the regular baccarat table while at the same time, the drawing rules remain the same.

Overall, they anticipate making more earning without the additional burden or cost of acquiring new baccarat tables or hiring additional employees on their gaming floor roster. They are very happy that they have made the move on switching their regular baccarat tables to the EZ Baccarat(TM) tables.

DEQ's Vice President of Partner Sales Paul Omohundro said that having Harrah's Rincon Casino join their list of clients of the EZ Baccarat table equipped with the EZ Trak(TM) is a good proof of the solidity of their product. Over the past months DEQ's installations of the no-commission baccarat method, EZ Baccarat table together with the EZ Trak has improved by more than sixty percent in the state of California.

A historic landmark has been set at the Barona Valley Ranch Resort and Casino, the Penchanga Resort and Casino and the Spa Resort and Casino, the Penchanga Resort and Casino and the Spa Resort and Casino as they have changed most of their baccarat tables.


Sunday, September 14, 2008
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