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Gaming Partners International to Showcase New Gaming Products at the IGE 2010

Gaming Partners International Corporation announced on December 21st, 2009 that it will launch the newest in RFID table applications at the IGE 2010 in London on January 26th, 2010-January 28th, 2010.

Aside from its core gaming products such as casino gaming tables, casino currency, dice, cards, casino table layouts and gaming accessories, the GPI exhibition will also feature the latest development in furniture design, baccarat and roulette reader displays and a brand new product lines in playing cards and gaming currency.

GPI will once again offer live demonstrations of its newest improvements in application software and RFID readers for casino facilities. The main focus of the RFID Cage application is the brand new countertop reads that functions in three dimensions, permitting the cage operator to correctly read the chips whether they are in stacks, in racks or a pile.

Adding to its RFID Table Solutions platform, GPI has made a new table application that connects with the JCM bill validators and the chip tray to permit casino personnel to get a real-time status of the chip currency and the cash at the casino table.

The application uses a built-in display that permits credit management, chip authentication and tracking and reading of wagers for calculations based on game play at the casino table.

GPI is also introducing its RFID roulette application, which monitors wagers, gaming activity and chip change. GPI has also created a lighting system on the roulette table that notifies players of the different phases of the game.

Also being featured is the RFIDPoker(TM) , created to improve accuracy and speed of the different actions on the poker table. It can also be fitted on any table. The RFIDPoker also seamlessly work with RFID chips to give error-free reading of the pot, calculates rakes and gives important data like table performances and game analysis.

RFIDPoker also increase card hands per hour by thirty percent, improving earnings for casinos and reducing the waiting time for gamers. To improve its RFIDPoker offering, the brand new Progressive Poker system of GPI features triple incrementing jackpots that can be won at any RFIDPoker Texas Holdem table.

The system can also connect all poker tables in a casino and draws an additional rake from each cash pot to increase the progressive jackpots, which are shown on the main LCD display.

GPI will also be featuring its eReady gaming tables, created to easily accommodate electronic equipment that is needed on the gaming tables. To support its precision roulette wheels, GPI is also featuring roulette reader displays that are available for single and double-zero roulette wheels.

The GPI roulette reader display also offers different features such as showing the minimum and maximum table wagers, the sixteen last winning numbers and hot and cool numbers. GPI is also featuring its brand new baccarat displays, which can be customized and show all important statistics of the game.

Another casino product enhancement being displayed at the IGE is GPI's FX layouts with digital graphics. These layouts feature the best digital graphic capabilities with GPI's unique patented FX synthetic process and one-of-a kind material.


Sunday, February 21, 2010
Danny McCain

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