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Fournier to Showcase New Products at the 2010 IGE

Fournier, the Spanish creator of casino playing cards, will showcase their brand new range of Dura + table layouts during the course of the 2010 IGE.

Javier Berasetegui, the export director of Fournier, said on January 22nd, 2010 that they are very excited about unveiling their new product at the 2010 IGE. He said that they are working on this gaming project for quite some time. They wanted to go to the gaming market with best layouts so they have done a lot of study and tests.

Berasetegui said that they are very proud to see that their layouts are right there at the very top, offering excellent durability, a one-of-a kind touch that satisfies both casino dealers and players and fantastic colors. He said that they are also waterproof because of its Teflon coating and are resistant to fire.

Berasategui also said that before being release internationally, the table layouts were tested in some Spanish casino facilities for about a yea. He said that they wanted the layouts to be exposed in real conditions and not only laboratory tests.

The results were very good and both casino dealers and gamers are happy with the touch and feel of the layouts. He added that the casino table managers are also impressed with its durability.

Aside from the casino table layouts, Fournier will also showcase its widely known playing cards and Security Baccarat Shoe, a gaming product aimed at improving security at baccarat tables by reading the cards through a barcode and showing the results once the card hand is finished.


Monday, February 15, 2010
Kate Foster

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