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The EZBACCARAT TM Table Games at the Penchanga Resort and Casino

On March 28th, 2008, DEQ Systems announced that the Penchanga Resort and Casino establishment, situated in Temecula, California, has acquired 5 EZ Baccarat TM tables to take the place of 5 normal baccarat table games. The EZ Baccarat tables also features DEQ's EZTRAKTM display system. The EZTRAKTM is classified as an LCD based tracking system for baccarat which takes note of game play patterns and side wager hands.

Steve Miller, the director of casino table games at Penchanga commented that Baccarat lovers are happy to get the opportunity to enjoy the no commission version of the game of baccarat, which bars the problem and bother of computing and getting the commission.

It is a win-win situation for both the casino and the players. Earle G. Hall, DEQ's President and CEO commented that casinos are now on the right track regarding using more useful and efficient way of enjoying the game of baccarat. He added that after Barona casino installed six EZ BaccaratTM Games installed with EZTRAKTM, Penchanga has followed in the footsteps of Barona and put in additional features like forty-two inch screens to keep track of the whole game play with EZTRAKTM.

The EZ BaccaratTM renders the commission useless without changing the nature of the game. It takes the place of the five percent vig on a winning banker hand by not allowing a specific banker hand; a three card hand which has a total of seven. Players can make an insurance wager. It is called the Dragon7TM, which has a forty to one payout ratio.


Friday, April 04, 2008
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