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Casino Baccarat Dress Codes

Casino Baccarat has a posh reputation and the dealers for it are always the best dressed in a casino. Tuxedos are the order of all casino baccarat dealers.

This, added with the high-roller atmosphere of the typical players in a casino baccarat pit turns away alot of perspective players because they didn't expect to have to spent half their budget on formal clothes.

The truth is, casino baccarat dress codes vary from place to place. On one extreme is Las Vegas, the other is Italy and France (including Monaco). Europeans have a more formal gambling culture than Americans do, and the rest of the world is somewhere in between.

Even in the Belagio or Caesar's Palace, Vegas gamblers will be wearing t-shirts and shorts. No one will keep you from playing baccarat if you aren't that well dressed, but other players will be. It will make you feel more comforatble to at least wear a a collared shirt and long pants if you play in the baccarat pit in a place like this. Good taste and Las Vegas are not often used together in the same sentence, but if you are playing casino baccarat in one of the fancier casinos on the Las Vegas Strip, it won't hurt to dress conservatively.

In Italy and Europe, the casino culture is different, especially for baccarat and baccarat variants, like Chemin de fer. Shorts, t-shirts, athletic apparel, and casual shoes, like sneakers or motorcycle boots are completely taboo in the casino at all. For French games like baccarat, the European casinos usually require a jacket and tie as well.

Elsewhere in the world, casino baccarat dress codes are usually a compromise between these two extremes. Places like Canada, Australia, South Africa, Macau, and the Caribbean usually don't require a jacket and tie to play casino baccarat, but do require long pants and collared shirts for men just to get into the casino at all.

Of course, all this fuss over clothes doesn't have to keep you from playing the game. You can always play online baccarat from the comfort of home.

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