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Dirk Chen as new CFO at GML

Giga Media Limited, known as GML, has just appointed Dirk Chen as its CFO in function. Dirk Chen has a long history in Chailease Finance Company of Taiwan, where he had worked for 30 years.

In this long amount of time in Chailease Finance Company, Chen has occupied many positions, such as CFO, president  and senior advisor and many more.

Additionally, he has also worked as CFO in Financial One Corp (FOC) based in Singapore.

As per statement of CEO of GML, John Stringer, the new manager has skills and potential to turn around and grow challenged companies. And GML is very happy to have him in its team of professionals.

Dirk Chen has a set of combined skills and capabilities, including team building, leadership and financial skills, combined with his ability to develop financial solutions for best performance, which will help GML grow and expand, as Stringer commented.

Since November 2011, Dirk Chen is activating within GML as one of the board members. He is expected to succeed Quincy Tang, as special advisor in GML.

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