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DEQs EZ Baccarat Gaming Table at Barona Casino

On October 17th, 2007, DEQ Systems announced to their customers and the gaming public that the Barona Valley Ranch Resort and Casino in San Diego has featured four baccarat tables by EZ and is the first and only casino all over the world to offer DEQ's EZTRAKTM.

The EZTRAKTM is an LCD-based baccarat card hand tracking system that follows the patterns in a particular baccarat game and side wagers. Michael Patterson, Barona's Director of Table Games commented that the EZ BaccaratTM table, which requires no five percent casino commission, has received commendable reviews from their most lucrative customers. He added that the table removes the distraction of keeping track on how much casino commission should the facility has.

They are also excited and grateful to be the very first casino in California to have the EZ Baccarat tables place in their gambling area. It is a good event for both their customers and their establishment.

The DEQ Systems Corporation President and Chief Executive Officer Earle G. Hall commented that the Barona Valley Ranch Resort Casino facility is a widely known establishment and has an outstanding reputation for being a good gambling leader.

That is one of the reasons why they have picked the Barona casino as the venue to showcase their baccarat gaming tables. DEQ's baccarat tables also help gamers to keep note of their present and past gaming statistics from the data of the shoe. The EZ baccarat table also takes away the casino commission without affecting the feel of the game.

The EZ baccarat table only replaces the 5% casino commission on every winning hand in the game by not permitting the bank hand or the Dragon7TM. Players can make the Dragon7TM bet that has a reward of four is tone ratio when the three card winning bank hand takes place.


Monday, November 05, 2007
Danny McCain

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