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DEQ Systems to Showcase EZ Baccarat and EZ Trak at 14th Annual Canadian Summit

DEQ Systems Corporation, a respected provider of casino table games bonusing, loyalty solutions and jackpot, announced on April 22nd, 2010 that they will be showcasing their popular non-commission version of baccarat EZ Baccarat(TM) fully equipped with EZ Trak(TM) at the 14th yearly Canadian Summit in Calgary.

Since its debut in Southern California in 2008, more than 285 EZ Baccarat and EZ Trak have been placed in forty-nine casinos in North America including forty-five EZ Baccarat and EZ Trak in twelve Canadian casino facilities.

Earle G. Hall, the President and Chief Executive Officer of DEQ, said that the combination of EZ Trak and EZ Baccarat gives what all baccarat managers are looking for: an "EZ" way of making more cash with a minimum amount of labor.

Hall said that the approach of the EZ Baccarat system improves the game's hands per hour and a decrease in potential errors in its operation which translates into requiring less manpower to manage the game and more profit opportunity for the casino.

In partnership with Regency Gaming Industries, one of the Canadian distribution partners of DEQ, and Talisman Group, the inventors of EZ Baccarat, DEQ will be featuring the EZ Trak and EZ Baccarat in booth 5290 at the Canadian Gaming Summit in Calgary on April 26th, 2010-April 28th, 2010.

EZ Baccarat is a method of speeding up the pace of baccarat by removing the commission. The winning card hand commission is replaced by "barring" one specific winning bank card hand or scaling down the banked winning bets. The EZ Baccarat system bars a total of seven in a three card hand and is known as the "Dragon 7(TM) ".


Sunday, May 09, 2010
Kate Foster

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