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DEQ Systems Releases Second Non-Commission Game Following EZ Baccarat

DEQ Systems Corporation, a well-known and respected provider of casino table games bonusing jackpot and loyalty solutions, announced on October 22nd, 2009 that it has officially debuted EZ Pai Gow, a patent pending Pai Gow game that requires no commission similar to the widely popular EZ Baccarat game of DEQ and that two table have been in operation for four months at the Barona Resort and Casino in San Diego, California.

The Vice President of Table Games at Barona Resort and Casino, Michael Patterson, said that when DEQ informed them they have another no commission product for the casino, they were immediately interested as the EZ Baccarat game has been a tremendous success.

He said that their players love the no commission feature and the added side wager has seen good action since they place it on the floor. He added that gamers were immediately drawn to the no commission EZ Pai Gow tables as they had done when they first offered EZ Baccarat.

Earl G. Hall, DEQ President and Chief Executive Officer said that Barona has been a good partner for picking, reviewing and launching games for DEQ. He said that the casino's methodological way of reviewing games including the level of acceptance by players is truly one-of-a kind in the gaming industry. He added that they are very proud to have such a partner to help them develop the best products for the market.

Hall said that they are astounded with the orders that they are receiving from their EZ Baccarat customers like the Ameristar Casino after its launch at the Barona Resort and Casino and they are looking forward about the future of this second gaming product.

Casino table games analyst Brian Doerr said that EZ Pai Gow is a game that uses the barred hand principle. The standard form of the game is also strictly followed with two notable exceptions. First, there is no physical commission. The improvement in hands per hour also makes a substantial difference. Just like in EZ Baccarat, EZ Pai Gow retains the worth of the commission by pushing all base bets on a Queen's Dragon Hand and the gamers is actually hoping for the barred card hand to come out.

By changing the focus on the possibility of a big payout when placing their side wager that the barred hand will come out, EZ Pai Gow players are excited every time they need to pay their commission.


Wednesday, November 04, 2009
Danny McCain

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