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DEQ Systems to Install 10 EZ Baccarat and EZ Track Systems at Commerce Casino

DEQ Systems Corporation or DEQ, a leading provider of casino table games bonusing, jackpot and loyalty solutions, announced on September 10th, 2009 that the Commerce Casino facility in Los Angeles, California, has contracted DEQ for ten EZ Baccarat and ten EZ Trak gaming systems.

The Vice President and Casino Manager at Commerce Casino, Tim Gustin said that they have watched and observed the phenomenal progression and adaptation of EZ Baccarat across the world and they are convinced that this state-of-the art product will be an excellent fit with their distinguished customers. Paul Omohundro, the Vice President of Sales at DEQ said that they are honored to work with the Commerce Casino since it considered as the biggest card casino in the world.

Omohundro said that the facility also holds a considerable share in the California Card Casino gaming market and is world class gaming destination. Omohundro added that they are proud and thankful to say that Commerce Casino has opened the door for DEQ and EZ Baccarat to the California Card Casino market. EZ Baccarat is a unique method of fast tracking the speed of the game of baccarat by canceling the commission.

The winning card hand bank commission is replaced by blocking a specific winning bank card hand or scaling down the banked winning bets. The EZ Baccarat method blocks a 3 card total of 7 and is known as the "Dragon 7(TM) ".

Gamers can also make a side bet to the probability of the Dragon 7. This side bet pays 40:1 and offers an additional option for the player to win in the game and new source of revenue for the casino facility.


Thursday, September 17, 2009
Kate Foster

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