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DEQ Systems to Exhibit EZ Baccarat and EZ Trak Products at Canadian Summit

DEQ Systems Corporation announced on April 22nd, 2010 that they will be featuring their well-known non-commission variation of baccarat, EZ Baccarat(TM) equipped with the EZ Trak(TM) system at the 14th annual Canadian Summit in Calgary, Canada.

Since its launch in Southern California casinos almost two years ago, over 285 EZ Trak and EZ Baccarat systems have been installed in 49 casino establishments in North America including 45 EZ Baccarat and EZ Trak in casino facilities in Canada.

DEQ's President and CEO, Earle G. Hall, said that the EZ Baccarat and EZ Trak's combination rewards managers a good way on how to make money with just a little amount of manpower.

Hall stated that the EZ Baccarat system increases the hands dealt per hour in the game and minimizes the amount of errors in its operation which translates into needing less manpower to handle the game and more revenue chance for the facility.

In collaboration with the Regency Gaming Industries, one of the distribution partners of DEQ and Talisman Group, the creators of EZ Baccarat System, DEQ will be displaying the EZ Baccarat and EZ Trak products in booth 5290 at the Canadian Gaming Summit in Canada on April 26th, 2010-April 28th, 2010. EZ Baccarat increases the pace of a baccarat game by canceling the commission.

The winning hand is substituted by "blocking" one specific bank winning wagers. EZ Baccarat "bars" a total of 7 in a 3 card combination and is named "Dragon 7(TM) ".


Wednesday, May 05, 2010
John Palmer

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