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DEQ Systems Announces the Lease of EZ Baccarat Tables to SPA Resort Casino

On August 16th, 2008, DEQ Systems announced that the SPA Resort Casino, located in Palm Springs, California has leased a pair of EZBaccarat(TM) as well as a pair of EZTrak(TM) display systems. This brings the overall total of games in Southern California utilizing DEQ's non-commission baccarat tables to twenty-four. DEQ has also finalized contracts with other Californian casino facilities to host EZ Baccarat(TM) tables and is presently involved in getting licensing approvals.

The Director of Table Games at SPA Resort Casino, Bill Duke commented that he was impressed by the simple methodology of EZ Baccarat. Their players love the quicker game pace. He added that it also helped increased their casino table games revenues without having to acquire more tables or casino dealers. Their players also love tracking down the forty to one Dragon 7 bet using the EZ Trak (TM).

Paul Omohundro, DEQ's Vice President of Partner Sales said that they are very happy with the reception that their customers gave the EZ Baccarat(TM). He added that the Spa Resort Casino is a very well-known casino in California and their decision to choose the EZ Baccarat table is a good development not only for them and their customers but for the company as well.

Omohundro said that it is all important to mention that the Barona and Penchanga Casinos have converted almost one hundred percent of their baccarat tables to the EZ Baccarat table.


Monday, September 01, 2008
John Palmer

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