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DEQ Releases Updates on Various EZ Baccarat Installations

On September 5th, 2008, DEQ Systems, a known provider of bonusing solutions for casino tables, proudly announced the installation of their new product lines. DEQ's very first product, the G3(TM), can now be seen in well-known Las Vegas casinos like Venetian, Palazzo and Monte Carlo on the casino game of Caribbean Stud Poker and in California, specifically the Barona Valley Ranch Resort on the Three Card Poker Progressive Game by Shuffle Master.

The Sea Escape Group from Florida has also acquired G3 gaming tables for their Super Peek Holdem gaming tables. DEQ will launch another gaming update by the end of September with other vital installations like the Wynn, Riviera and Excalibur. Over the past few months, DEQ's no-commission baccarat casino game, the EZ Baccarat(TM), together with the EZTRAK(TM) system, has improved by 60% to 30 baccarat tables in California alone. A historic moment has been accomplished at both the Barona Valley Ranch Resort and Casino and the Penchange casino as they have switched all of their baccarat tables to EZ Baccarat tables.

Earle G. Hall, the President and Chief Executive Officer of DEQ said that in this important stage of their development, they have allocated all of their efforts on the gaming market in Las Vegas to ensure the continuing popularity of their G3 baccarat tables. He added that the EZ (TM) baccarat table is becoming very popular in California and they have also improved their commercialization activities in California.

The other part of the commercialization activity of DEQ will see important activities in the Midwestern part of the U.S. and the last part will be on the east coast. Both of DEQ's legal and compliance teams are getting product approvals throughout the country in a thorough manner, which will greatly benefit the commercialization plans of DEQ.


Monday, September 15, 2008
John Palmer

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