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DEQ Launches Real Link Together with G3 for Baccarat and Other Casino Table Games

On April 29th, 2008, DEQ Systems Corporation, a provider of table game bonuses and gaming solutions recently announced the debut of their brand new wireless solution for connecting progressive jackpots. The wireless solution, passed by Gaming Laboratories Incorporated or GLI, is called Real Link and it features a "One Planet, One Jackpot" feature as a positioning system. The company is also planning to release a second product on the G2E in Las Vegas that will target secret prizes and awards-Wide Area Mysteries.

Real Link users can be rest assured that it is a secured jackpot engine that can easily share jackpot and prizes regardless of the location of the table. The whole system is managed and maintained by DEQ's G3 and is integrated with the gaming servers without any problem at all. Both input and outputs of the accounting side of each gaming server and all jackpot transactions are operated by the central server by communicating using an encrypted tunnel that has a present TCP-IP feature.

Earle G. Hall, the President and Chief Executive Officer of DEQ said that the gaming market has grown a lot and different technological innovations have been developed to accommodate games like baccarat, slot machines and others. Almost all players know the Megabucks slot machine of IGT and the impact of its progressive bonus to the gaming floor or the baccarat table that does not ask for the five percent casino commission on the winning banker hand.

DEQ's goal has been to meet these demands by continuing to expand their gaming portfolio and the G3 system has been connecting numerous gaming tables within a single location for a lot of time now. With the Real Link feature, it eliminates the single jackpot principle and the drawbacks of cabling.

With the cooperation from its partner, DEK International, Real Link is already offered in some casino facilities in Latin America and Eastern Europe. A demo is currently being offered in DEQ's VAR Channels.


Monday, May 19, 2008
John Palmer

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